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FLEXDUR-couplings are flexible compensating couplings of all metallic design which transmit the torque in a torsionally rigid and backlash-free manner. The transmission elements are disc packs of stainless spring steel plates which are attached to the coupling components by closetolerance bolts.

The most important characteristics and advantages of FLEXDUR-couplings:

  • Torsionally rigid torque transmission with zero torsional backlash
  • Wear-free compensation of axial, radial and/or angular shaft displacements
  • ittle restoring forces in the case of shaft displacements
  • Neither maintenance, nor lubrication required
  • For use at ambient temperatures from – 25 °C to + 250 °C
  • Compact design even suited for high and very high rotational speeds
  • Infinite life, proper shaft alignment provided

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Product details

General technical description

Reich are looking back to more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of couplings for a wide variety of applications.

edicated to permanent innovation, we are pleased to present our new FlexDur all metallic multiple disc coupling that ensures torsionally rigid torque transmission with zero torsional backlash between the prime mover and the driven machine. The FlexDur coupling series are complementary, not alternative, to our well-known range of all metallic multiple disc couplings.

FlexDur shaft couplings compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft displacements.


The new series FLEXDUR FD-C is an addition to the existing series FD. The coupling uses bushed fl exible disc packs of stainless spring steel as power transmitting elements. The special shape of the precision bushes results in a uniform tension distribution of the disc pack. The high grade fitting bolts offer a backlash-free torque transmission. The FLEXDUR FD-C has been designed with modular components. Therefore the coupling can be fitted to many different installation situations:

FLEXDUR FD-C 1 single joint coupling (e.g. type N) with one flexible disc pack to compensate axial and angular misalignment. FLEXDUR FD-C 2 double joint coupling (e.g. type S) with two flexible disc packs to compensate axial, radial and angular misalignment and thus flexible in all directions. Different installation lengths are available as standard. Special designs e.g. for vertical or inclined mounting are possible on request. Designs with clamping sets can be supplied for a total backlash-free connection.

D2C – Designed to Customer

D2C – Designed to CustomerThe principle of Designed to Customer describes the recipe for success of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Utilizing our product knowledge, our customers are supplied with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific requirements. The designs are mainly based on modular components to provide effective and efficient customer solutions. The unique form of close cooperation with our partners includes consultation, design, calculation, manufacture and integration into existing environments. Adapting our manufacturing to customer-specific production and utilizing global logistics concepts provides better after sales service - worldwide. This customer-oriented concept applies to both standard products and production in small batch sizes.

The company policy of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN embraces, first and foremost, principles such as customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality, prompt delivery and adaptability to the requirements of our customers.

REICH-KUPPLUNGEN supplies not only a coupling, but a solution: Designed to Customer.


  • Application areas:: mobile applications test benches pumps and compressors industrial applications marine applications
  • Product category: Torsionally rigid couplings
  • Product type: All metallic coupling
  • Torque range: 90 Nm - 870000 Nm
  • Temperature range: -13 °F - 482 °F (-25°C - 250°C)

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